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MY (brief) Story

Me the Millennial is dedicated to levelling the playing field when it comes to career, financial independence, investing and ultimately carving out personal success for the so called Generations Z & Y. 

Having grown up in a working class family of 9!, the corporate world and personal finance wasn’t the first thing on our minds. 

Growing up I wanted my own apartment, to pay back student loans, buy my dream car (Aston Martin DB-9) and live an insanely awesome life. Not too much to ask, right?

Reality hit hard coming out of university. Personal finance at its most basic was not something there was a module offered on. Paying insanely high rent for a studio apartment, starting a career in Big 4 consulting and studying at night to be a chartered accountant. All together while maintaining an active social life for a 20 something year old was never going to get me there. I made every mistake!

I also wanted to have enough money in the future to buy my own house, get married, have children and send them to college. Counting down the days to retirement was not how I envisaged getting there!

My goals in life have recently changed dramatically. After spending 8 years climbing the corporate ladder in Management Consulting. This no longer a goal I am chasing.

I’ve realised that enjoying life and having more personal freedom to spend my time with who and where I like is my ultimate goal.  

This led me to recently quit my 200k a year job in Consulting.

One key step that helped me in making that decision was taking back control of my personal finances and having a financial security blanket to fall back on.

I want to show it’s possible through my own personal journey, and that there is another way to grinding it out at a desk until you are 65 and ready to retire. Life should be more than that, right?

I am sharing the knowledge, tips and insights I have gained throughout my life with my peers is what I want to achieve through this blog. Whether it’s investing, personal finance, journey to FIRE or my career successes and pitfalls.

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Common FAQ’s relating to me:


Where do you live now? 

As of 2021 I currently live in Vancouver, Canada, (I recently moved from Toronto).

What do you work as and how much do you make? 

I’ve spent the last 8 years after university working at two of the leading global consulting firms in the world across Europe and North America. During this time, I also became a chartered accountant. I graduated with a Finance and Computer Science degree from one of the top universities in Europe. I currently used to make, all in including bonus, roughly $200k having worked my way up in the Consulting game.  I recently took a 30% pay cut for a job I am more passionate about and now earn around $130k (CAD) all in.

(September 2021 update: finally quit my 200k Strategy Consulting job: 5 key things I learned)

What is your goal? 

I’ve set a target of $1.5million by the age of 35. Going off the commonly accepted 4% rule – I can live off the dividends from my portfolio, which would equate to $60k per year, and most importantly never touching the principal amount. Follow my net worth here.

Other than financial goals, I want to share my journey with everyone out there who is fed up with their job, or working for someone else, and horrified at the thought of grinding it out for the next 30 years  because they need the money. There is another way which I want to share is possible through my own journey.

When did you start MeTheMillennial?

I started this site during 2020, when the pandemic was in full flight. I really focused on it from the end of Q1 2021. I am passionate about sharing what I know with a wider community and helping people along the way towards financial freedom and a successful career. Also sharing my journey to financial freedom while I’m at it, baring all the details along the way. So you might as well take action to save yourself!

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*As always, I am not an expert or financial advisor, so nothing on this website should be considered financial advice. These are just my opinions, everyone is different. Always do your own research and have your own independent thought process.

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