6 thoughts on “How I save over 70% of my income”

  1. Hi MeTheMillennial, could you tell us a little bit more about how you keep your rent expense to $1200 in a high-cost city like Vancouver? For example, did you move outside the city center but remain on a metro line, did you choose a studio or roommates? etc. The details can help fill in the gaps around your decision making and how we can all learn something from what you’re doing. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ryan,
      Good question – rents are crazy here in Vancouver.

      I would saw the average 1 bedroom apartment ranges from $1800 – $2600.

      The simple answer is I halved my expenses, split my rent bill with my girlfriend…which has helped to improve my savings rate.

  2. Very good article! Opens eyes to monthly waste we can all be guilty of, but spending on experiences like travel I agree is always worth it.

  3. Found this on Pinterest – great article. Driving a BMW at $33k/year is all too common. Clearly, you got your stuff together rapidly and are investing aggressively!

    I like your points about balance and the freedom that a frugal lifestyle brings. I find the non-financial aspects of frugal living are just as beneficial. For example, less clutter bring wellbeing by freeing up mental capacity and time.

    1. Hi Jake, thanks for the comment.
      Looking back, it was such a silly purchase. I definitely enjoyed it but it made no financial sense.

      Definitely agree on the balance. Life is there to be enjoyed and you can do both in my opinion.

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