Net Worth

Here is the part of the website where I bare all to you, well at least financially 😉

Below you’ll see my real-life net worth tracked monthly, from the start of 2021 when I finally bit the bullet, pulled my socks up and started this journey to show you how financial freedom is achievable for all.

MeTheMillennials NW History: 

  • January 2016: -$2000(A fine start!)
  • January 2017: $25,246
  • January 2018: $42,246
  • January 2019: $73,246
  • January 2020: $115,257

Me the Millennial website launches –  monthly net worth posting begins!

Current Age: 32

Stay tuned and check in for monthly net worth reports, where I’ll be revealing every dollar increase or decrease (praying the stock markets keep on this bull run!!!) in detail. My latest net worth monthly update is here. Wish me luck guys, if not as they say ‘Misery does love company’

Check in and leave me a comment or contact me (see contact page) to let me know you’re following along and its not just my mum who reads my website :)…

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